Lessons Remembered:
Memoirs of an Audacious Country Doctor
by Henry W. Poore, M.D.

Front-and-back cover spread
Cover of "Lessons Remembered" by Henry W. Poore, M.D.

Title-page spread
Title page of "Lessons Remembered" by Henry W. Poore M.D.

“My library contains a number of books designed by Robert Jacobson for Northland Press in Flagstaff. So I knew who he was and what he could do. When I finished writing my first book of memoirs, I was sure he was the designer I wanted. Working with his son Erik, he designed and produced the book for my publisher, Goose River Publishing. The book's success was due in no small part by a cover that featured an illustration of me by Mr. Jacobson. My second book of memoirs is nearly complete. I know who my design team will be.”

—Henry Wayne Poore, M.D.